Hi, I just want to know if I can see here updates about your organization? Can I read news about your projects and programs on this website? 

Hello, thank you for asking about our updates. Yes, you can actually be updated about our future and recent activities from this website. Just go to the ‘news’ section and you can read all the updates we post on this site – the new writeups and the archived files. Also, you can view our recent programs or projects from the ‘campaign’ section’ of this website. 

Can I also join your organization even if I am not a teacher? I do want to be a part of such group and I think I can be of help. 

Yes, you may join our organization even if you are not a teacher. We are hoping that a lot of people would be encouraged to be a part of our advocacy and help us support as many children and teenagers as possible.  Let us help each other create better campaigns for the future of these kids 

I am wondering if I can visit your place and talk to the people in the organization personally. If it’s possible, do I have to ask for an appointment or scheduled meeting for my visit? 

Yes, you can always visit us to talk to the members of our organization. It is not required to ask for an appointment however, it is much better to do so for us to be able to make time for you. To ask for a scheduled meeting, please contact us on our email and send us a message regarding the intent of your visit. 

Do you also create campaigns and projects for adults who have not acquired enough education or do you only help children? 

Yes, we also do have campaigns for people of older age. Our campaigns and projects actually may vary depending on the people in the community who need help.