We are an organization that was founded to create programs and campaigns that will ensure children’s education. Teacher Activist Group organization consists of teachers that bring knowledge to many people especially children and teenagers. As former students, we have the first-hand experience in how important education is to everyone. It can make and break you. It can make you soar and reach your dreams. It can make your path to success in the career you will choose in the future. It is known to open doors to opportunities and to a better future. We all know how much this is important to all of us and we cannot let these children wander off and grow up being ignorant about the world.  

We recognize that children deserve to get the right education no matter the challenges. We want to give them their rights without worrying about adult problems that shouldn’t even be their concerns. With the connections we have and the support from other non-profit organizations, we are able to start making a difference. People from the world over continuously support us and we are more than glad to receive these help from you all.  

The Teacher Activist Groups organization hope that with our programs and projects, we can give back hope to these children. We intend to make this a greater advocacy to encourage more people to help. Let us all remember that the youth is the hope for the future. They are the savior of our land. If we are just going to let them be, we can expect nothing more than a doomed future. Let us nourish them while we can and let us give them the education they deserve.  

Be one of the Teacher Activist Group today and save children from an unstable future. Let us make this world a better place.